With the cheers of the World Cup still ringing in our ears, it’s a good time to turn our attention to the new Premier League season, which is only days away from kicking off, and the fantastic opportunity that Admedia can offer any brand wishing to talk to sports fans in both busy bars and Motorway Services.

Our World Cup packages for 2018 sold out, much as they did for the previous tournament as well as the Euros in 2016 and the Rugby World Cup in 2015, and this is testament to how appropriate Admedia’s venues are and why they’ve been used for campaigns in sectors such as gambling (e.g. SportPesa, Betfair, Ladbrokes), entertainment (e.g. David Brent – Life on the Road, Suicide Squad) and pharmaceuticals and grooming (e.g. Harry’s, Tena For Men).

With over 500 pubs, bars and clubs nationwide from chains including Yates and Slug & Lettuce, we can guarantee high levels of footfall, comprised of fans who are 58% more likely to be ABC1 and have personal incomes which are 14% higher than average.

We can offer long dwell times and high engagement – the average sports fan spends more than three hours in a pub watching a game. This leads to multiple washroom visits where they will take in our 100% gender-targeted A3 Washroom Panels, and plenty of time at the bar or sat at tables where they can see our Bar Runners and Beer Mats respectively. People who heavily watch sports in pubs and bars are 82% more likely than the national average to be word of mouth champions of products/service, and our formats are great at encouraging this, as well as online search and social media sharing via their mobiles.

Plus, we’re not just brilliant at catching football fans in the pub. Those supporters heading to away games on the motorway will need a place to stop, and so our network of 50 Nexus digital 48 screens are perfectly located on major routes between big games. They’re flexible enough to target fans by daypart and location, as well as offering mobile interactivity.

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